Crowdsourced Weather Routing for Ships

Compared to standard satellite GRIB weather, crowdsourced marine weather data is: more reliable, more accurate, high resolution and real time. Even the best weather-routing software is only as good as the data it uses.

Crowdsourced data gives your ships weather routing with lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Data that captains can trust when planning a route. No big up-front costs; just save on fuel and meet EEXI and CII emissions regulations.

SailTimer is developing an Offshore version of our popular Air Link device used for crowdsourcing in coastal areas. Download a 1-page PDF about the new Offshore Air Link here.

Get Our Competitive Advantage:
If you are a weather-routing company or a weather service, we have proprietary IP that can help you. Our Air Link is easy to install, and can send data from a ship every second. This 2-minute Air Link demo on YouTube shows it working on a NMEA 2000 network with other marine electronics, and receiving Bluetooth wireless wind data, while using wifi and Bluetooth with the Air Link app and internet via satellite, wifi or cellular.

Talk to us about adding the current or next-generation Air Link to your ships. We can crowdsource at scale with marine weather, bathymetry or any other NMEA data such as engine RPMs. Our online database was established in an 8-company consortium for crowdsourced wind maps with funding from the Ocean Supercluster program (press release PDF here). We are also now expanding the crowdsourcing to other types of sensors and marine weather.

To hear more about the business, request a short YouTube link here in one click (or email

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